Who we are?

Justin Mottershead (Editor)

Ever since dad and me made the walk from our house in Stretford to Old Trafford almost thirty years ago, life has never been the same. United daft and lucky enough to find some like-minded Reds who share my passion for writing about the club we all adore. After penning a small blog only myself and a couple of mates on Facebook read several years ago, I started Redflagflyinghigh in 2010 before meeting up with Chudi from the Busby Way and deciding to start something new. This site is for those who aren’t afraid to share their opinions on United no matter how controversial, different or unpopular they may be.

Chudi Onwuazor

Your typical armchair Cockney red! Missed the darker days and have been spoilt to only know United under Sir Alex. A keen reader and writer, I decided to combine this with my love of United and boxing. The result was a number of blogs including The Busby Way. In 2010 I met up with Justin, having read his previous blog, and we decided to put our heads together to create something of our own. It’s been long overdue but enjoy POAE.

Liam Mottershead (Writer)

I was fortunate enough to be born in 1989, at a time when United were on the verge of heading back to the top of English football. All I remember about my first game at Old Trafford was not being able to understand why ‘our’ Dion Dublin was ‘playing for the wrong team’ in January 1995. My dad made sure I was supporting the right team by giving me a new kit with Cantona on the back every birthday, and from then on he remained my hero and United remained my religion.

Nathon Woodhead (Writer)

Sales, Marketing and PR Manager based in London. Areas covered are sport, music, entertainment and trade. Follow United home and away. I love you, but I’ve chosen techno.

Steve Crabtree (Writer)

I was taken to my first game at Old Trafford in 1981, aged three by my Dad and Mum, who ingrained United in to me. I continued to practice my religion with the family season tickets until 2011, and still go to the vast majority of home games. My all time hero is Bryan Robson, and the best week of my life was at Barca 99. I’m a proud OOT, admittedly from the wrong side of the Pennines, but I’ve always said that it’s not where you’re from…it’s where you’re going.

Angelina Kelly (Writer)

Being raised by a family of Salfordian’s, in particular my grandfather, meant that the importance of football was a concept installed since birth. My grandparents taught me about the ‘beautiful game’ and their beloved Manchester United, telling me stories of the time they met Sir Matt, watching Ryan Giggs grow up around the corner and seeing Bobby Charlton cry in the tunnel after heading to Wembley to watch the 1957 FA Cup final. The summer following my granddad’s death brought the 2006 World Cup. I remember sitting in front the television and not moving for the entire tournament. It was from here that I fell in love with football and I began to appreciate what my granparents had been saying for the past ten years. Eight years on and my love for the game has only intensified, leading me to choose sports journalism as a career. Having the opportunity to write about something I’m so passionate about is a gift. A love for languages and travel also means I’m a big fan of La Liga too and various other sports

Amy Jones (Writer)

19 years of supporting United. Born in Salford and currently studying Journalism at University. Brought up with United and a huge fan of Manchester’s music scene from Oasis (even if they are City fans) to The Stone Roses (sport an F.E.A.R. tattoo) The Smiths and beyond. Favourite player is probably Paul Scholes or Nemanja Vidic.

Sam Davin (Writer)

26 years old, born in West Cumbria brought up into a United family. First match was 4th round FA Cup defeat to West Ham in 2001. Love a good sing song in Sam Platts when I get to Old Trafford. Favourite moment has to be Teddy’s equaliser in Barcelona – name on the trophy!

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